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Bad Management. My co workers where amazing and seemed like family while working there. However the management seemed like they had no idea what they were doing.

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We constantly got asked if someone should be fired or even if they should decorate the store for holidays. Busy and fun workplace. My typical day at work as a dining attendant is just attend to customers regularly, such as picking up plates and cups etc. I also clean restrooms and sweep and spot mom. This was my first job so I learned that making money is not that easy. I also learned and gained great customer service skills. I think I was tested fairly by management, given sick days when needed.

I think the hardest part of the job was spot mopping , back problems and the most enjoyable part of the job is just coming to work In general , I love working.

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The job starts off fun but once you get comfortable everything you do is wrong. My job experience there is not the greatest. I've been stressed out to the point where I have to cry because of how rude people can be, both customers and management. Some days are easy and calm but then weekends are the most stressful aside from holidays making your life miserable.

I used to love kids but now i dont want to even look at another after a day of work. I been working at johns for over a year now, two years in march. I been there before opening and it changed drastically.

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I love some of my co workers and two managers. I had fun when working with them.

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But the job is not good. They treat you unfairly. They don't care about you at all. Not the best place for me, but others may do well. The job was too stressful to me, too many customers and not enough workers.

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Most of the guests don't monitor their children, it's always chaotic on the weekends. Learned how to cook pizza and multi task. Some managers amazing, some not so much. Great workplace culture, everyone is friendly and open. Hardest part of job is closing on a Saturday or Sunday. Most enjoyable part of job is going home. Very fast-passed job and constantly moving around in different departments.

Overall, working at John's Incredible pizza was a great experienced that taught me a lot. For example, it taught me to multitask, keep calm in stressful situations, and learn how to adjust in different departments. I mostly worked on weekends and they were always stressful because we had a lot of parties. I am the type of worker to always be doing something. The hardest part about my job was to make sure all the customers were happy. I always did my part but we had employees that didn't give it their all and it could be quite frustrating. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting to play with the kids and being appreciated on my hard work by the party parents.

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Prizes are not transferable or refundable and must be accepted as awarded. The winner is responsible for any and all other costs and expenses not listed above. Not liable for unclaimed prizes or fulfillment. I would bring my two daughters and husband to the amazing John Incredible Pizza at the Westminster Mall! I have 3 girls aged 13,13 and 7.

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Incredible Pizza Promo Codes & Coupons February 12222

Pin 1. It looks like a blast! Love your pizza!

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johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019
johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019
johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019
johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019
johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019
johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019
johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019 Johns incredible pizza coupons july 2019

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